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Letter From the Editor

Letter From the Editor

Dear Reader,

We are very excited to present to you the new To Market, a new format, a new look and some new faces!

As you know, when we debuted To Market last year, our goal was to shine a light on the greatness of New England food and the creativity of New England’s food people. Lucky for us, our readers are a communicative community and we have taken all your comments to heart. We hope you never stop letting us know what you think about what and whom we should cover, and how we should do it.  Our goal is to make this magazine a landing page, a must-read for people who care about the progressive food agenda in New England. 

With this issue, we introduce a new front-of the-book feature, a provocative Op-Ed from a leader of the Food movement, in this case Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) founder, Michael Jacobsen’s opinion on the “Four Big Food Fights Under Trump”.

In a year of extraordinary weather with tragic consequences, the central theme of this fall’s issue is Farming in New England. Steve Holt’s moving piece on weather and its impact on farm crops and farmers is a most moving read and exceptionally timely. Leigh Vincola’s story on the complex relationship between local farms and immigrant workers, and Jacqueline Grady Smith’s interview with Dorothy Sutput of The Carrot Project on helping new farmers come to terms with farming as a business as well as a way of life. We think you’ll enjoy the rest of the issue as well, our battle cry for mussels to get more respect, and Michael Floreak’s inspiring feature interview with Dan Giusti—an internationally acclaimed chef who chucked it all for a career re-creating school food in Hartford, Connecticut through his organization, Brigaid.

We also want to introduce you to our new umbrella nonprofit organization, The Food Voice. We have combined our magazines, To Market and Edible Boston, with Let’s Talk About Food, an organization that has created and convened many public conversations about food in our world—from farming to food waste to sustainable seafood and food allergies in order to expand our reach and ability to continue making changes in our communities.

By joining together, we think The Food Voice will be become the fresh new hub of the progressive food conversation. We hope you agree and decide to support us by contributing to our Kickstarter campaign. 

We’ve been at this mission for a long time! Now we need your help! 

Happy reading—and keep those emails and letters coming.


Louisa Kasdon and Ilene Bezahler

Four Big Food Fights Under Trump

Four Big Food Fights Under Trump