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Letter From the Editor   Andrea Pyenson

Letter From the Editor Andrea Pyenson

Growing up in Massachusetts, fall was always my favorite season. I loved the smell of the air when the first chill settled in; the colors of the leaves as they made their slow transition from lush green to bright red, yellow and orange; picking out pencils, notebooks and a new lunchbox for school; and my family’s annual apple-picking trips, where we always seemed to eat a lot more than we picked. As an adult, I still love all those things­­–minus the school supplies­–but now I also look forward to seeing the bounty at farmers’ markets gradually shift from stone fruits, tomatoes and corn to apples, winter squash and root vegetables. And placing my order for my family’s locally raised Thanksgiving turkey.

This fall is particularly exciting, as it brings the inaugural issue of To Market, a magazine we have been developing since last winter. A sibling to Edible Boston, this publication will cover all six New England states, celebrating the bounty of land- and sea-based farmers, food producers and artisans throughout our region and examining the food-related issues that impact all of us: What do we mean by good food? Why is food at farmers’ markets more expensive than at supermarkets? Is it worth it? What is sustainable? Should I only eat organic products? Can small farms in this region survive? Often, content in the two magazines will be complementary, like food writer/oyster farmer Tamar Haspel’s fascinating article on how the mollusks can be used to help clean up the ocean and the oyster recipes in this season’s Edible Boston.

And we’ll have fun. Like the article in this issue helping anyone interested plan a sustainable wedding (or maybe you didn’t know you were interested but you will be after you read it). There is a primer on New England apples, along with a historical look at hard cider­, which just might be on its way to becoming the next craft beer.

With back-to-school in mind, we look at the state of school meals­–which in some cities and towns may be better than you think–and offer suggestions for parents who may want to take action to improve the situation in their communities. And there is a lot more.

I hope you will be as excited to read To Market as we are to produce it. Enjoy!

Andrea Pyenson
Managing Editor

Oysters on the Half Shell with Cranberry-Sumac Granita - courtesy of Edible Boston

Oysters on the Half Shell with Cranberry-Sumac Granita - courtesy of Edible Boston